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If you are an active member company, click here: 

 Company Statement of Operations

 Prior Quarter Company Statement of Operations

 Current Participation Form


If you are not an active member company, click here: 

Pool Statement of Operations


For additional information, click here: 

Statement of Operations Information



Effective January 1, 2004, each active member company's Mississippi Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Pool Statement of Operations will be available online in a new 1 page format for viewing and printing.   Clicking on Company Statement of Operations will allow you to select either the new 1 page format or old multi-page format, and then display a prompt for you to enter your Mississippi License Number in order to view and/or print your company's current statement in Acrobat Reader format.  The Prior Quarter Company Statement of Operations is also available for viewing and printing. 

Click on the Pool Statement of Operations if you are not an active Member Company and wish to view the Pool financials in Acrobat Reader format.

Click on Statement of Operations Information for additional information about the accounting principles, statement format, current quarter comments and policy/accident year chart.

CIS will no longer be mailing the quarterly Statement of Operations since it is available on line.  So that you can be notified when the new quarterly Statement of Operations has been posted to the web site, send your contact email address to CIS immediately.  Please include the Mississippi License Number printed on your last Statement of Operations.  

You can send an email containing your Mississippi License # and your contact email address to:



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